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TENSOR Technology

A special substance is incorporated between the molecules of the caoutchouc which provides a permanent inner tension in the sponge and upper rubber. This gives the rubber more elasticity, more spin, mores speed and more feeling. This is the reason for the incomparable play and the distinctive sound of Tensor.

GREEN POWER Technology

Green Power is a rubber technology, whereby the performance achieved from fresh glueing is permanently incorporated into the rubber. Trajectory, playing feeling and the sound of fresh glueing are ever present features of this new product. Green Power – incorporated speed glueing effect
Geo-Sponge Technology

Innovative macropore sponge design that increases the catapult effect therefore enabling higher ball trajectories.
Geo-Force -Technology

Newly designed pimple arrangement with a more hollow space between the single pimples provides maximum spin and best possible control.

Develops significantly more grip of the ball for more spin due to an intense friction surface structure