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Blade Sealing

Instructions for "PRO" blade sealing using JOOLA blade varnish 

This specially developed blade sealing varnish is ideal protection against both the lifting/stripping of the upper veneers and absorption of glue and solvents. Using this water based varnish offers the best protection for the blade surface and eases removing glue residuals of the new generation.

Working steps:

  1. Clean the blade surface of any remnants of glue (best by using a thinner applied thinly using a cloth and then wipe off the surface).
  2. Rub the blade surface with sand paper (at least with a graining of 120 or finer), then carefully remove dust.
  3. Apply plenty of the blade sealing varnish evenly over the blade surface.
  4. Let dry for approx. 4 hours.
  5. For safe adhesion of the rubber slightly sand the blade's rim with abrasive paper.
  6. For safe and long-lasting protection the whole process should be repeated after complete drying (24 hours).

If the varnish has dried up in the bottle after a longer period of time, dilute with approx. 10% water. Use only for intended purpose!

Varnish is on water basis and free of solvents - however please follow precautionary measures:

- Keep away from children!
- Use in a well ventilated area during and after use!
- In case of contact with eyes or skin carefully rinse off with water!
- Do not permit escape into water courses or ground!